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The Power of Communication

Service Day at Shabach Ministries with our local teens was beautiful.  Lessons by Therapist Alena Broughton on the importance of clear communication allowed teens to realize how to properly communicate.  Our youth enjoyed themselves learning and serving.   Youth bagged over 400 bags of groceries for future grocery giveaways.

Black History 365

MLK Service Weekend

What an epic weekend of service. Thank you Marcus Toomer Shantae F Hawkins Imanis Variety-Show Judge Me Now EDU INC. and our amazing Sponsors and partners Councilmember Krystal Oriadha Claudee Clark-Holland Operation Earnie's Plate Eric Ravenell Hawkins SHABACH Ministries Inc. David Trone Wegmans Lanham Topolino's Italian restaurant & Buffet Wendy Archer-Nelson Groshell Logistics, Inc Enterprise Dental Care Frederick Douglass High School, and teens from all over the county who volunteered with us to make the kits at Frederick Douglass and spent time with the amazing men at the PG Men’s Shelter.

MLK Service Weekend

What an epic weekend of service. Thank you Marcus Toomer Shantae F Hawkins Imanis Variety-Show Judge Me Now EDU INC. and our amazing Sponsors and partners Councilmember Krystal Oriadha Claudee Clark-Holland Operation Earnie's Plate Eric Ravenell Hawkins SHABACH Ministries Inc. David Trone Wegmans Lanham Topolino's Italian restaurant & Buffet Wendy Archer-Nelson Groshell Logistics, Inc Enterprise Dental Care Frederick Douglass High School, and teens from all over the county who volunteered with us to make the kits at Frederick Douglass and spent time with the amazing men at the PG Men’s Shelter.

Merry Christmas

Whewwww, what a busy and amazing weekend of service Judge Me Now EDU INC. Thank you to the dream team Shantae F Hawkins, Marcus Toomer, and Imanis Toomer. Carolyn Crews and Ann Sturtevant's kids and grandkids are amazing. Special thanks to my Awesome Janna Parker, Councilmember Krystal Oriadha, Tiffany Hannon, Topolino's Italian Restaurant & Buffet, Wegmans Lanham, District Heights Municipal Center, Benjamin Stoddert Middle School,, and SHABACH Ministries Inc. We are also thankful for our teen volunteers who work very hard, we also spoil them to pieces. We had two successful Christmas events on Saturday serving over 200 families this Christmas season, all blessings to the most high for providing. - We always need your support

The Big Day


2nd Annual

Thanksgiving Grocery Giveaway

in memory of Carolyn Crews

It was truly a blessing to serve the residents of PG County, with a particular focus on District 7. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible individuals and organizations whose support made this initiative possible.

Special thanks go to the dedicated Judgemenow team, whose hard work and commitment were instrumental in the success of our service efforts. Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude to Ernest from Suitland Community Center for his valuable contributions and support.

A sincere appreciation goes out to District 7 Councilwoman Krystal Oriadha for her unwavering support and dedication to the community. The collaboration with PG Changemakers, Chenise and Trenia of Coopeys, Wendy of Groshell Logistics, and Wegmans of Lanham significantly enhanced the impact of our service to the residents.

Our gratitude extends to Gwen Pope of Shabach Ministries, the ladies of Delta Sigma Sigma, Employ Prince George's, and the PG Park Police for their invaluable contributions and partnership in making a positive difference in the lives of those we served.

A special acknowledgment and heartfelt thank you are reserved for the teenagers who volunteered their time and efforts, truly saving the day. We are immensely grateful to the students from Frederick Douglass HS, Oxon Hill HS, Bishop McNamara, and Suitland HS. Your dedication and enthusiasm underscored the spirit of community service.

On a more personal note, we want to take a moment to remember and honor the 75th birthday of our beloved mom, Carolyn F. Crews, who resides in heaven. Though she is no longer with us, her memory lives on, and her influence continues to inspire us in our efforts to make a positive impact in our community.

Once again, thank you to everyone involved for your selfless contributions, collaboration, and dedication to serving our community. Together, we have made a meaningful difference in the lives of District 7 residents and beyond.

Fall Festival

As we close out the month of October, we are delighted to report the success of the Judge Me Now presents Fall Festival, hosted at the District Heights Community Center. This event stands as a testament to our grandest achievement yet.

Judge Me Now Literacy & STEAM Resources extends its heartfelt appreciation to the community of District Heights for their gracious hosting of the event and the Public Works department for their invaluable assistance and unwavering support, which played a pivotal role in the festival's success.

The amazing success of the Fall Festival would not have been possible without the continuous commitment of our awesome sponsors. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the following sponsors, whose generosity and support were instrumental in making this event a reality:

  • Councilwoman Krystal Oridha (District 7)

  • Topolinos

  • Shabach Ministries

  • PG Changemakers

  • PG Parks & Planning

  • Dave & Busters

  • Coopey’s

  • Wegmans

  • Spauldings Library

  • PG County Sheriff's Office

We extend a profound thank you to these exceptional sponsors for their unwavering dedication to our cause.  We also wish to acknowledge the remarkable efforts of the fifty-five middle and high school volunteers hailing from the following schools: Frederick Douglass, Suitland,  Grace Brethren, Fairmont Heights, Oxon Hill, Bishop MacNamara, Surrattsville, Academy of Health and Science, Crossland,   DrewFreeman,  Clinton Grace Christian School, and Dr. Henry Wise .

These diligent volunteers and parents formed the very core of our Fall Festival, and their tireless contributions exemplified the spirit of community and service.

In closing, we extend our profound gratitude to all those who participated in and supported the Fall Festival, for your collective efforts have truly made it a resounding success.


Day Out

Pink Sugar

Summer Camp

Dreams do come true! One of my lifelong aspirations was to establish and manage my very own summer camp, catering to the needs of our youth. This summer, the realization of this dream was made possible through the generous support of District 7 Councilwoman Oriadha. Not only were we able to bring this dream to life, but we also were blessed to hire a teacher and five enthusiastic teenagers to serve as dedicated camp counselors.

Councilwoman Oriadha we want you to know that we acknowledge the remarkable work you do and the positive impact you bring to the lives of countless individuals. As we continue to work tirelessly by your side, we are united in our shared goal of making our community a better place. We see you, we appreciate you, and we are working right beside you.  Special thank you to our sponsors Benjamin Stoddert Middle School, Shabach Ministries, Wegmans of Lanham, and District 7 Councilwoman Oriadha.

Pink Sugar

CPR Training

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to for the exceptional CPR training provided to our teens, parents, and staff. We would also like to express our appreciation to Shabach Ministries for hosting the event. The session was educational and engaging, ensuring participants fully grasped the techniques and importance of timely intervention during emergencies. The skilled instructors expertly guided the teenagers through CPR procedures, fostering confidence in their ability to respond effectively. Furthermore, we deeply value the emphasis placed on Narcan administration to address opioid-related emergencies. GoodWorks' commitment to raising awareness and providing comprehensive training equips our teens to become proactive community members capable of making a difference during crises. This investment in our youth's education and preparedness will have a lasting impact on our community, and we are immensely grateful for their dedication.

Youth In Politics

We recently hosted an event that left a lasting impact on everyone involved. With the support of our partners, Shabach Ministries, and the presence of esteemed special guests Delegate Ashanti Martinez, Executive Director Janna Parker (PG Changemakers), and Sinclair Bayard (A3 Performance), it was a day filled with inspiration and empowerment. We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Topilino's Italian Restaurant of Clinton for generously donating a catered lunch for our teens and special guests.

     Our main objective for the event was to educate and engage the incredible teens who participated. The day was dedicated to teaching them about the significance of politics and the importance of being actively involved in their communities. Through interactive discussions, activities, and thought-provoking conversations, we aimed to ignite their passion for making a difference.

     We couldn't be prouder of the teens who participated in the event. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn were truly inspiring. In addition to their active involvement in political discussions, they also dedicated their time and energy to a meaningful cause. Together, they packaged over 400 bags of groceries in preparation for an upcoming grocery giveaway. Their commitment to serving their community exemplified the incredible potential and compassion they possess.

     Delegate Ashanti Martinez played a vital role in the event by graciously sharing his valuable insights and engaging the teens in important conversations. His presence and dedication to empowering the younger generation left a lasting impression on everyone involved. We are deeply grateful for his contributions and support.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Topilino's Italian Restaurant of Clinton for their generous donation, which provided a delicious catered lunch for our teens and special guests.

     The event not only educated and empowered our teens in the realms of politics and community involvement but also showcased their remarkable dedication to serving others. We are confident that these young individuals will continue to make a positive impact and shape a brighter future for us all.


Intergenerational Love
w/ Senior 360 and Girl Scouts

Teaching our youth how to serve others.  Our Scouts loved on their elders by serving their lunch and drinks.  They also assisted the seniors with playing bingo and delivering their prizes.  Sending out a special thanks to PG Changemakers for inviting us out to partner for their event.  Thank you to Wegmans (Lanham) for coming out and spoiling the seniors and to the amazing crew at Shabach Ministries (FBCG) for donating groceries for all of the seniors.  

Picture This!

Easter/Literacy Event

We hope you had a wonderful Palm Sunday! Yesterday's event was truly amazing. Our guests enjoyed a variety of activities, including a visit from the Easter Bunny and the Panda Express Panda. We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Nichols (Principal) for hosting our event and Frederick Douglass HS and to the incredible teenagers who volunteered at our STEM literacy and Easter stations. Hailing from 10 different middle and high schools, these teens did an outstanding job and made their parents, principals, and teachers proud.

The event was a hit with all age groups. Our preschoolers, elementary schoolers, teens, and parents had a fantastic time participating in a range of activities, from solving crossword puzzles and creating art at the Play-Doh table to Easter egg hunting and dying eggs. They also enjoyed decorating cookies, making bracelets, designing suncatchers, and participating in our spelling bee.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our generous donors, who made the event possible. Panda Express donated and served over 200 meals to our youth and their families. The Alexandria Sheriff's Department contributed 13 boxes of books, allowing us to provide each participant with at least 5 books. Groshell Logistics provided transport services to collect this generous donation. Additionally, we appreciate the contributions of Safeway of Upper Marlboro, OEM Warehouse, Wegmans of Lanham, ALDI's, Walmart of Clinton, PG Change Makers, Briddell Family Foundation, Shabbach Ministry, Door Dash, and Costco.

Digital art exhibit



STEAM Day was amazing.  We would like to thank Dr. Nichols the Principal at Frederick Douglass for allowing us the space to host this event.  The amazing teen were amazing teachers during their lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. 


We like to offer a special thanks to our amazing sponsors: Shabach Ministries, Wegmans of Lanham, Groshell Logistics, PG Changemakers, ALDI's, and PG Parks and Recreation.

The Abstinence class was nothing short of amazing.  Teens from Frederick Douglas, Wise, Suitland, CMIT South, and Gwynn Park took an 8-hour course on Abstinence and Goal setting taught by Rev. Agnew from Community Builders, LTD.  The teens were actively engaged and participated in rich conversations about their life goals, personal views, and their accomplishments thus far.  This class is a must-have for our teens.  

The session was followed up with a parent meeting which was just as powerful as the class.  Parents spoke about how much their teens have opened up to discuss what they discussed in class and parents were pleased to see their teens engaged in meaningful sessions earning service learning hours.

In The Community

Meeting the Needs of Those We Serve

Service Day

     What a great day to serve those in need.  We had an amazing turnout with over 50 volunteers in attendance to serve.  Thank you to our hosting site Mission of Love, Lauren (L Boogie) I am forever grateful for our shared relationship by always looking out for one another. Thank you Shantae H, Marcus T, and Imani T.

     Special thanks to Councilwoman Krystal Oriadha and her Chief of Staff Ashanti Martinez (New BFF) for not only sponsoring lunch but always serving right beside the volunteers.   A grateful thanks to Shabach Ministry for donating clothing, toiletries, and emergency items.  Thank you to the amazing Wegmans of  Woodmore for providing foot and hand warmers. 

     A warm hug and loud thanks to PG Changemakers for your partnership and emergency items (tents, deodorant, chapstick, etc.) you are truly appreciated.   Thank you to Girl Scout Troop 21037, 21081, 21083, & 21085 for your donations and your time.   Thank you Mike Bannerman, Andrea  Ellen, Stephanie Weems, and Sparkle Canady for your generous donations of funds, coats, clothing, and love.  Last but not least thank you to the 50+ volunteers for your continuous support, we are truly blessed because of you.

Christmas Gift Giveaway




 Holiday Toy Giveaway

JMN’s holiday distributions are complete! Together, we gave out over 400 toys, gift cards, and food. Prince George's county families in DIstricts 5-8 were served and celebrated.  We hope to expand this opportunity next year.

We want to give a special thanks to our AWESOME sponsors and partners Wegmans of Lanham, Marlow Heights Community Center, PG Change Makers Coalition, Councilwoman Krystal Oriadha, Councilman Nick Charles KrysDonita MaysMike Bannerman Department of Parks and Recreation Pr. Geo. County, SHABACH Ministries Inc., Tiffany Alston,  Delegate Daryl Barnes, Walmart of Bowie, ALDI USA  Wegmans of Lanham, Dave & Buster's of Capital Heights, Bulldog Distribution, Davis Dezigns, and Stephanie Weems. We were able to be a blessing to others because of you!  Thank you for all of your support and partnerships.  Another special thanks to our partners PG Change Makers Coalition for making this dream even more significant than we imagined, Janna Parker you are Awesome.

Food Giveaway

Shantae F Hawkins Marcus Toomer and Imanis Variety-Show were amazing, we fed over 120 families and had a few amazing sponsors. Judge Me Now Literacy & Makerspace Services, Inc. is really beginning to take off and allow us to help many in need. We are already planning a toy drive and giveaway, any ideas or if you would like to join us inbox one of us. Thanks to our sponsors DoorDash , ALDI USA, Shabach Ministres@ The Official First Baptist Church of Glenarden (FBCG) Facebook Community, and St Stephen Baptist Church.

Holiday Reading Celebration

We sponsored Melvin's Family Book Giveaway in Durham, NC to host two Holiday book giveaways.  We also thank  Wegmans of Chapel Hill for their donation which allowed us to provide snacks for the students at CC Spaulding Elementary and Holt Elementary School. 

Service Learning Day at
Shabach Ministries

Judge Me Now Literacy & Makerspace Services, Inc. had 52 high schoolers servicing the community earning their hours this morning. Thank you to our sponsors  Groshell Logistics, Inc.,  Wegmans of Woodmore, Bojangles, and Change Agents in Healthcare Leadership - CAHL for donating lunch to our hard-working teens from four local high schools.

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